Miyu Irino “Uso to Mirai to” (Review)


Miyu Irino is back with a new single. Kiramune‘s golden boy brings us “Uso to mirai to“, a single that will stun everyone. Miyu‘s voice takes is undoubtly the spotlight in this release, impressing us with several special talents of his. Whatever it is you’re doing, stop everything and listen to what is the main contender for single of the year.

Let’s kick off this review.

Regular edition

Single: Uso to mirai to
Label: Kiramune
Release date: 06/04/16 
Genre: J-Pop/Rock


1. 嘘と未来と
2. 朝焼け
3. I am I

Track by track analysis:

1. 嘘と未来と

Miyu is back with a powerful acoustic ballad. “Uso to mirai to” has a sweet piano melody as the lead, being joined by spashy slow tempo drums, acoustic guitar, rhodes piano and a contrabass. This gentle and delicate instrumental is enough to grab our attention for its simplicity. Miyu‘s honeyed vocals left us dazzled. His performance is spotless and of top tier quality throughout the whole song. The emotion on his vocals, and his tone stability showed us an improved Miyu ready to show everyone why he’s the most talented member among his Kiramune peers. Flawless performance in one of the most beautiful ballads in his repertoire. 5/5

2. 朝焼け

With only acoustic guitars as his backing, Miyu tackles this sweet ballad in a haunting way. With such a simple formula it’s safe to say that Miyu is going to shine, and we weren’t wrong with what he got from this track. The spotlight is completely over his vocals and the emotion he manages to put on it. With each chord Miyu honeys his way into what is a brilliant display of vocal prowess from him. His falsettos and adlibs are mesmerizing, reaching and sustaining without breaking, those high, emotional notes in the chorus. Clean, simple, beautiful. 5/5

3. I am I

Putting the acoustic guitars aside, Miyu gives us a jazzy lounge sound to complete this flawless release. “I am I” is a track that features Miyu showcasing various talents (some of them hidden) of his: rap, singing, adlibs, falsetto and english pronunciation. This track that smels like a sunday afternoon in the summer, is one impressive piece. The instrumental features a rhodes piano, splashy mid tempo drums, a funky bass and melodic guitar laying down the most summer like riffs. The bridge is worth some kind of award with the explosion of emotion coming from the guitar solo. Vocally Miyu is simply outstanding. “I am I” is kind of rendition to Maroon 5‘s “Sunday Morning“, UVERworld‘s “ENOUGH-1” and SID‘s “Rainy Day” and as all of those things have in common, it’s a memorable release. 5/5

Final rating:5 stars

Sweet release from Miyu breaking away from Kiramune‘s trademark bright releases. Resorting to slow tempo acoustic songs, Miyu shines brighter than ever. His approach to the lyrics and the emotion he put into them is felt by the listener and you can’t help but to be moved to his songs. It’s impressive how much Miyu has improved in such a short amount of time. His vocals are gentle, smooth and sweet, melting us right off the bat. His notes are as clean as ever and his falsetto has taken higher flights, leaving us at awe.

People often think that the good songs are those that make us dance and feel happy. It’s obviously subjective but no one will deny that it’s when an artist has to tackle an acoustic song or an acapella that we trully see his/her talent. It’s no exception with Miyu‘s performance in this single. We know he’s a good singer, one of the best, if not the best in Kiramune, but sometimes it’s impossible to listen to his clean, slightly husky vocals with so much going on in the background. This release is perfect for those who love acoustic songs but also for those who love Miyu‘s voice without any kind of tricks on it. Raw and breathtaking.

There are so many words we could write to descibe how flawless this release is but it’ll certainly turn into a dissertation. Miyu has finally released a perfect single where nothing fails, his vocals are polished to their maximum, the instrumentals are minimal but of top quality and the final result is what we believe to be a sure contender to single of the year.

Uso to Mirai to” is available for purchase on CDJAPAN for all overseas fans.

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