Miyu Irino to put his career on hiatus in 2017


Miyu Irino has announced on Kiramune‘s official website that he’s going to put his career on halt in 2017.

To celebrate the release of his new album “DARE TO DREAM“, Irino wrote a post on his blog “Jiyucho” (hosted in the Kiramune website) informing fans that he’s decided to take a break from his career to purse his studies.

Miyu in "E=mc2" era

After the end of his tour in January, Irino is going to take a break to study abroad.

He took this idea to his company Junction99 and decided that now was the right time to take a break, experience new things, learn new languages and more about acting. He also stated that this idea isn’t something that he just thought of, it’s actually something he was always pushing his company to let him do it, but due to schedules and other things, the company never felt it was the right time for him to take a break.

Although he hasn’t mentioned to where he’s going or when he’ll return, he has reassured his fans that he might come back earlier than most people might be expecting.

Irino is now focused on his tour “Kiramune Star Club“. More details on his tour can be found – here.

From our end we wish all the best to Miyu Irino‘s studies! Go for it!

Source: Miyu Irino’s official artist page


  1. Congrats! I hope he’s having a great and memorable experience wherever he is going!
    I know that in Japan the agency is like owning the artist but it’s not right that they hold him back, it’s his future and career after all. But at least they let him go now, and he’s still young. Wish you the best, Miyu-kun!