Miyano Mamoru 4th Album「PASSAGE」- Cover Art and Tracklist Revealed


With 30 years old and with five years of singing career, Japanese prolific seiyuu Miyano Mamoru has finally revealed the name of his album, it’s entitled “Passage”. This will be his 4th album of originals and is scheduled to be released on 9/18/2013.  Looking back in time his 2012 album “Fantasista” was released it rocked the charts in Japan so let’s hope that Mamo-chan has that luck and climb the sales to the very top. Miyano Mamoru is quickly threading his way to become one of Japan’s most successful singers, something that few voice actors have been able to do or even reach that status, I can only find an exception for what I’ve said and that would be GRANRODEO’s frontman Taniyama Kishow that has reach that superstar/super rock band status selling out arenas like no other but that is in a unit/band, not solo-wise.

Miyano Mamoru will play in Budokan later this year, an arena considerably large and a first for a voice actor (solo) to even think about booking it but, seeing how his other shows have sold out pretty quickly it would be considerably easy to fathom him selling out Budokan, what would be impressive for a voice actor with a singing career still maturing.

Going to the info about the new album: the album will feature some songs already known to the public “カノン” (featured on the shoujo anime hit “Uta no prince sama maji love 2000% as the opening song) and “Ultra Fly” but the majority of the album will consist of new songs being the presentation single “Identity”, song that Mamoru Miyano premiered on his radio show earlier this week. “Identity” is without a doubt a song that goes back to Mamo-chan’s previous work, giving a vibe of his first album “Break”, that R&B feel that has been missing from his latest singles. But let’s not judge the album just because of one song, one thing Mamo-chan’s albums always have is that the album may range between a couple of different genres besides his main focus (j-pop). Just look at “Fantasista” and check the songs, there’s some that would sound a bit off if you listen to the album overall but those are, nevertheless, amazing songs. The title track was the song that most differed from the rest of the sound in the album but it was a good change of pace so let’s hope we find some gems on this album too.

mamoru miyano - passage
Mamoru Miyano – Passage [limited edition]
mamoru miyano - passage
Mamoru Miyano – Passage [regular edition]

CD information:
Miyano Mamoru ☆ 4th Album「PASSAGE」Limited Edition
– comes with a special case and Photobook (32 Pages)
– DVD included with:

  • カノン(MUSIC VIDEO)
  • Identity(MUSIC VIDEO)
  • MAKING of all videos above

The tracklist will be the following:

01 UNSTOPPABLE  [Lyrics, composition, arrangement: STY]

02 ULTRA FLY [Lyrics: Miyano Mamoru, composer: Koyama Kotobuki, Arrangement: Takahashi Koichiro]

03 Identity [Lyrics: Shono Juli, composition, arrangement: Jin Nakamura]

04 THANK YOU(reprise) [Lyrics: STY, composition: STY / Blaqsmurph, arrangement: STY]

05 愛の詩~Ulyssesの宴~  [Lyrics: Ucio, composition, arrangement: Jun Ichikawa]

06 GOLDEN NIGHT -futuremix-  [Lyrics: Ucio, composition, arrangement: TSUGE]

07 カノン  [Music and Lyrics:上松範康(Elements Garden) Arrangement::藤田淳平(Elements Garden)]

08 辻の華  [Music and Lyrics: marhy, Arrangement: Jun Ichikawa]

09 スーパーノヴァ  [Lyrics: marhy, composition, arrangement: YASUSHI WATANABE]

10 Calling  [Lyrics: Miyano Mamoru, composition, arrangement: 高橋浩一郎]

11 passage,  [Lyrics: Miyano Mamoru, composition, arrangement: STY]

12 未来  [Lyrics: ucio composition, arrangement: TSUGE]


Both editions of the album are available on cdjapan and both of them have (only on cdjapan) a B3-size poster signed by the voice actor.

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