Mitsuki Izumi celebrates birthday with “RabbiTube” video entry

IDOLiSH7’s Mitsuki Izumi releases a special RabbiTube video on his birthday.

The 3rd video from IDOLiSH7‘s RabbiTube series is out.

Bandai released a new video part of the on-going IDOLiSH7 RabbiTube series. This video features the birthday boy, Mitsuki Izumi (voiced by Tsubasa Yonaga) whose birthday is on March 3.

As per usual, the video below includes subtitles in English.

2020’s birthdays to be all about content creation for IDOLiSH7’s characters

This year, the members of IDOLiSH7, TRIGGER and Re:vale shift from radio to content creation on RabbiTube.

All members will challenge something – purposely left ambiguous as a surprise – and add a message through a video that will be released on each member’s birthday.

SOURCE: IDOLiSH7 Official twitter account