Mezzo “Moonlight Illuminate” (Review)


MEZZO”, unit consisting of KENN and Atsushi Abe, are back with a new single. The duo puts aside the bright pop tunes and embraces one of the sweetest ballads we’ve ever heard.


Title: Moonlight Illuminate
Label: Lantis
Release date: 26/01/17
Genre: Ballad



Track analysis:


This is by far MEZZO‘s best song to date. This beautiful ballad will make you shed a tear or two. With a slow paced piano melody, strings and an acoustic guitar, this track sets a gentle, emotional tone that serves as the best outlet to showcase KENN‘s top quality smooth vocals as well as Abe‘s strong mid-tones. The bridge allows the vocals to shine even more as the scale ascends to a higher register in which both of them sound incredibly well. With both the instrumental and vocal performance being top quality, is no joke when we say that this is the unit’s best song, and quite possibly the best out of the Idolish7 universe.

We’ve said it before that this unit lacked enthusiasm and excitement. Well, this ballad, although not packing anything we’ve referred to, is much better than any exciting song. It’s good to listen to a textbook ballad, especially when the ones singing it know what they’re doing. This was exactly the case with this song.

Final rating:5 stars


Moonlight Illuminate is only available digitally (iTunes and other digital outlets).

Vanessa Silva
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