Maten Rocket to premiere new song on SHOWROOM

Readyyy! Project‘s Maten Rocket are going to premiere new song on a special broadcast.

Maten Rocket‘s 4th song is going to premiered at SHOWROOM.

The group comprised of Ryuichi Sawada (Soushi Fujiwara), Tomohiro Ohmachi (Zen Iseya), Sonosuke HattorI (Junnosuke Sanada) and Shuichiro Umeda (Aki Takachiho) is going to attend the live broadcast on that platform 25/04/2019 and premiere their new song on that same broadcast.

The broadcast is going to be available to watch at 22h JST through THIS link.

For more details please refer to Readyyy!’s official website (link below).

SOURCE: Readyyy! official website