Masanori Kobayashi wraps up 1st live, announces solo project WAЯROCK

Masanori Kobayashi recently wrapped up his 1st solo live. Details on his solo project as well as new live dates announced.

Masanori Kobayashi, by many known as the voice of OSIRIS’s Kyo (Band Yarouze!), has wrapped up his first solo live, –The World of Singularity = ∞ – held at Zirco Tokyo on 28/01/2019. A couple of announcements were made after the show regarding the future of his solo project.

Kobayashi made official the name of his solo project: WAЯROCK. He’ll go by this name as a solo act and already has a couple of events scheduled for the next couple of months.

The next live is titled KIZUNA【絆】Vol.1, co-headlining with ROOKiEZ is PUNK’D, and is going to held at CLUB SEATA on 20/02/2019. For info on tickets, location and more, please refer to THIS official tweet by Masanori Kobayashi.

On 30/03/2019, WAЯROCK is going to perform at SKULL HEADS SPEAKING vol.2. Other act confirmed to attend the event is the solo artist, SHIN.

SOURCE: Masanori Kobayashi official twitter account