Masakazu Morita leaves Aoni Production and goes freelance

Masakazu Morita kicks off 2021 by making a bold decision in his career: going freelance.

Veteran seiyuu and actor Masakazu Morita announced his departure from AONI Production, talent agency that housed him for 17 years.

On a lengthy announcement on twitter, Morita mentioned that he’s 48 years old and he felt like it was his last opportunity to have a big change in his life.

He quotes the idea of “Let’s live a life without regrets” and the unexpected disruption of the voice acting industry due to Coronavirus as the factors that led to him making up his mind and leave AONI Production.

He also showed gratitude to AONI Production’s staff such as his manager, accounting team, and fellow voice actors and actors within the agency.

As of 01/01/2021, Morita is a freelance voice actor.

For more details, including the complete announcement in Japanese, please refer to Morita’s official twitter account (link below).

Best of luck for this new adventure, Morita!

Source: Masakazu Morita official twitter account