Marginal#4 to release new single in November


Marginal#4 close the year for Rejet‘s unit releases after the confirmed releases for Lagrange Point and UnicornJr.. The quartet is going to release their 8th single, bringing a completely new sound with them.

More details under the cuff.

Titled “Yo-Ho!!“, Marginal#4‘s new single says goodbye to UFO‘s sound and promise a more laidback approach to their music.

Yo-Ho!!” is scheduled to be released on 11/11/2015, available in three editions: Marginal#4, Rui and R, Atom and L.

The very first details regarding this release are available on Marginal#4‘s official profile on Pitagoras Production.

The cover art is the following:

Marginal#4 edition
Marginal#4 edition

The preview for the title track is available HERE. The full tracklist is the following:

1. Yo-Ho!!
2. Oh My WOLFBOY (Toshiki Masuda and KENN)
3. もぅまんたい (Naozumi Takahashi and Yuto Suzuki)

The pre-orders for “Yo-Ho!!” are only open on SKITDOLCE. As soon as CDJAPAN opens pre-orders for this single we’ll update this news.

SOURCE: Marginal#4 official page @ Pitagoras Production