Marginal #4 franchise to release 3 consecutive singles + confirm date of release for rhythm game

Rejet has announced today the release of three new singles in the Marginal #4 franchise + confirmed the date of release for their first rhythm game.

Today, after the 1st day of Big Bang Fes, first ever live event for the Marginal #4 franchise, it was announced the release of 3 consecutive singles, one for each of the franchise’s units.

These three singles are going to be released consecutively, each of those including 4 tracks (2 new songs + respective instrumental tracks). According to Rejet, more details on this are going to be unveiled at a later date.

Additionally, the date of release for the upcoming idol grooming/rhythm game “MARGINAL#4 KISSからはじけるStar Collection” was confirmed. The game is set to be live on 25/07/2018. Confirmation was not only given at the event but also through a special video uploaded on Rejet‘s official youtube channel.

SOURCE: Marginal #4 official twitter account / Rejet official twitter account