Marginal #4 announce new single “Red Hot Saga”

123Marginal #4 bring another piece of great news for their fans. The seiyuu unit created by Rejet and consisting of Naozumi Takahashi, KENN, Toshiki Masuda and Yuto Suzuki is back with a new single.

The new single was announced in the 24 hour RejetTV broadcast – Summer Festival (24時間生放送 RejetTV 夏祭り~アリノママデ~) aired on Nico Nico on 7th /8th August. The unit is getting an otome game made with them titled “Marginal#4 Idol of Supernova“, scheduled to be released in 13/11/2014 and the opening theme is performed by the rising unit.

Two quarters of the unit were present to make the live announcement, Toshiki Masuda and Yuto Suzuki, MC’s for night’s session on the 7th, delivered the news about the new single, title, release date, alongside a snippet of the track.

Yuto, MIKOTO, Masuda
Left to right – Yuto Suzuki, MIKOTO (in charge of Marginal#4’s tracks), Toshiki Masuda

Titled “Red Hot Saga“, this is the unit’s 5th single and is scheduled to be released on 10/09/2014, available in three different versions (more details later).

The preview for the track is already available – HERE

The cover art for one of those editions is already available in Marginal #4 ‘s website and its the following:


The tracklist is already updated in the website and it’s the following:

1 - Red Hot Saga
2 - SUPERNOVA - I'm Headliner!!!!-
3 - キミとFARAWAY
4 - My first love

More details (remaining cover art, preorders) about the single will be updated as soon as available.

Source: Marginal#4 official website

Photo: Amuleto Official Twitter