Marginal #4 announce new single


The first three months of the year are certainly Rejet units’ playground. With the releases of Unicorn Jr.‘s “F.A” and next months’ Lagrange Point release “Prisoner“, it’s time for Rejet‘s first unit to comeback.

Marginal #4 are back once again to release the follow up to “Yo-Ho!!“, a single that really put the group once again on track.

Rejet has released several details regarding this release, let’s check them out!

Titled “IV aile” (fouraile), Marginal #4‘s 9th single is scheduled to be released on 09/03/2016, available in three editions: Marginal #4, Atom and R, Rui and L.

The tracklist is the following:

  1. IV AILE
  2. 未明犯 (Atom & R)
  3. To Be Loved (Rui & L)
  4. 相感図

The preview for the title track is already available – HERE.

The cover art and music digest video are still left to unveil. More details on that will be unveiled in the following weeks.

Pre-orders are available on Amazon JP and Rejet’s Skit Dolce. For overseas fans pre-orders on CDJAPAN will open in the following weeks.

SOURCE: Pitagoras Production official website