Marginal #4 and Unicorn Jr. “REAL?/Ko・ko・ro・hi・to・tsu” – New details revealed


At the beginning of March there’s yet another Marginal #4 related release. This time around it’s a joint Unicorn Jr., Marginal #4 double single. Rejet has unveiled one of the covers for this single as well as its snippet.

REAL?/コ・コ・ロ・ヒ・ト・ツ” is scheduled to be released on 01/03/2017.

The cover art is the following for Unicorn Jr.‘s single:

unicorn jr

The cover art for L‘s (KENN) song is still left to unveil.

As reported earlier, the tracklist features “Real?“, track performed by Unicorn Jr. as the 5th ending theme for the series. KENN‘s track will also be featured as an ending theme (6th).

The complete tracklist is the following:

1 - REAL? (Unicorn Jr.)
2 - コ・コ・ロ・ヒ・ト・ツ (KENN)
3 - REAL? (anime version)
4 - コ・コ・ロ・ヒ・ト・ツ (anime version)
5 - REAL? (off vocal)
6 - コ・コ・ロ・ヒ・ト・ツ (off vocal)

The preview for “Real?” is already available on Marginal #4‘s official website – HERE.

BONUS: This single counts with two random illustration cards.

REAL?/コ・コ・ロ・ヒ・ト・ツ (Kokoro hitotsu)” is available for pre-order on CDJAPAN for all overseas fans.

SOURCE: Marginal #4 anime – official website