Mamoru Miyano’s “The Birth” (Review)


Mamoru Miyano is back with not only one, but two singles at once. Part of his double release that counts with “Tempest“, song featured as the intro theme for the new season of Uta no Prince Sama Legend Star, is “The Birth“, single featured on this review.


Single: The Birth
Label: King Records
Release date: 12/10/2016
Genre: J-Pop/Dance


01 - The Birth 
02 - Gravity (Mamoru Miyano's RADIO SMILE ending theme)

Track by track analysis:

01 – The Birth

Starting it off quietly with soothing strings in the background against a piano melody, “The Birth” soon evolves into an alternative pop-rock tune. Addictive guitar riffs guide us through the song to the unusual pre-chorus in which synths and metalic drums take the front seat (but only for a couple of seconds). On the other side, the chorus is all we could ever ask from Miyano, it’s powerful but without being noisy, and blends rock elements with the emotional strings playing in the background. Regarding the vocal performance we can only point out good things. Miyano‘s high notes and falsetto never fail to impress us. “The Birth” made us excited for what’s next, that is for sure. 5/5

02 – Gravity 

In what is Miyano‘s first collaboration with renowed producer Cha Cha Malone (AOMG), “Gravity” is a mid-tempo synth pop song with an addictive looping guitar melody playing in the background. With sweeping as well as soothing synth pads, this track is far from being a full out dance track, instead it mixes the best of both worlds: synths and guitars. It doesn’t sound crowded, we’d risk to say that it actually sounds soothing despite not being a ballad at all. Vocally, we’re in for a smooth ride, Miyano‘s tone will put you at ease to enjoy this song. Although Miyano has already tried out this genre before, this specific performance surpassed his previous attempts in terms of quality. 5/5

Final rating:5 stars

The Birth” gets a perfect score from us.

We’ve said it before but we’ll say it again: Mamoru Miyano is indeed a chameleon and a talented artist. He fits into almost every genre easily and naturally. His vocal approach morphs from “The Birth“, with its fast tempo and high notes with several instances of falsetto in the choruses, to a lullaby-ish smoothness in “Gravity“. Obviously for those of you that are Mamoru Miyano‘s fans and have been following his career, you won’t find strange that there’s never two songs of the same genre in whichever release you want to check out. This time around Miyano presented us a pop-rock tune to get us excited, and with a finishing blow, delivered us a mesmerizing mid-tempo pop tune.

The Birth” is available for purchase on CDJAPAN.

The Birth / Mamoru Miyano
Mamoru Miyano


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