Mamoru Miyano’s management issues statement regarding fan behavior

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Mamoru Miyano‘s management address fan behavior in a lengthy post.

In a statement on his official website, Miyano’s management mentions that, to have an environment where fans can support him in a fun and secure way, understanding and cooperation from everyone is essential.

With this in mind it was asked of fans to respect the rights of the companies Miyano does work for and other people by not waiting at transportation facilities such as stations and airports, event venues, as it can lead to unnecessary accidents or trouble.

At the same time the acts of “voyeurism/stalking” by some fans were addressed. Miyano’s management mentioned that they would like his fans to refrain from having that kind of behavior, asking them not to hang out at airports and stations waiting for him, not spread information on SNS, not stalk nor partake in voyeur activities as it can be a nuisance to ordinary customers that use transportation. It is also requested of fans to adopt the same behavior on recording sites and live venues.

Fan made content was also addressed. In the statement it is mentioned that it is prohibited the transfer and distribution of secondary creations directly or through the Internet to third parties, regardless of whether those are paid or free. It is also mentioned that distributing DVDs, CDs and other media on social media, whether for free or paid, infringes the artist’s rights and it is a criminal act that can lead to prosecution.

Additionally, Miyano’s management addressed concert behavior and ticket resale, mentioning that a law that prohibits ticket reselling in Japan is being enforced since June and he would like his fans to abide to it. As for concert behavior it is mentioned that fans must have in mind others attending the shows and not raise penlights, fans, slogans over their heads as it can hinder the experience of other concertgoers.

To wrap up it is addressed matters pertaining to the fan club Laugh & Peace. Members are not allowed to purchase and transfer/exchange tickets with other members and, if found violating any of the abovementioned rules, the fan club management reserves its right to revoke the fan’s membership and ban him/her from applying again.

Read the official statement (in Japanese) HERE.

SOURCE: Mamoru Miyano official website

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Vanessa Silva
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  1. What? Other rules, i understand, but even pen light is not allowed,?! Isn’t that a bit too much? Penlights makes the concerts more colorful and fun when you watch the audience from the stage. Don’t take that away from them. Don’t you like it when you see your fans dancing to your music? Thats unfair if you forbid them.

    • Quando os fãs não sabem respeitar o espaço privado e profissional e começam a criar problemas é normalmente o que acontece. De qualquer das formas isto não passa de regras básicas na relação ídolo-fã que todos os fãs devem respeitar.





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