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Mamoru Miyano

Mamoru Miyano wraps up 2020 in style with the consistent and exciting single, ZERO to INFINITY.

Release date: 09/12/2020
Genre: Pop / Ballad


1 - ZERO to INFINITY (lyrics by Mamoru Miyano)
2 - Beautiful Doll (lyrics by N.A.O. and Mamoru Miyano) 
3 - HELLO! 

Track by track analysis:


Exciting guitar riffs, powerful electronica and a hard-hitting, slow paced drum beat set the tone for the hyped up ZERO to INFINITY.

The verses have some intensity to them, with constant contrasts between rock and electronica as well as playing around with the tempo, with the drums being pretty slow paced whereas guitar riffs are fast and energetic.

The chorus lends a lot from drum & bass in its synthetic beat, focused on hi-hats and a tight bass sound. The chorus will feel rather brief but it is pretty enjoyable.

There’s a break that goes through trap territory, with Miyano’s vocals also going the manipulation route. After that edgy addition, Miyano goes for a crystal clear, high note-driven section, leading to yet another chorus.

As far as vocals go, Mamoru Miyano doesn’t shy away from delivering a pretty flawless performance in which he can showcase his versatility. His rock solid, melodic mid-tones power this song but those higher notes and fancy pitch vocals are the icing on top of the cake.

Miyano covered all bases with his performance, on top of a song that strays a bit far away from the sound he’s been doing in the last couple of years. Fresh song and performance.

2 – Beautiful Doll

A soulful piano and strings paint a beautiful soundscape. “Beautiful Doll” is a textbook, classic ballad with a jazz touch to it.

Verses are slow paced and emotional, with the piano setting the stage for Mamoru Miyano’s passionate, gentle vocals whereas the strings add a delicate, ethereal touch to this song.

Mid-way through the dynamics change and drums enter the stage. A hard-hitting bass beat with some R&B accents adds pacing to “Beautiful Doll”, further enhancing the moving nature of this track.

When it comes to the vocals, Mamoru Miyano tackles a song that has 70% English lyrics and does so with a pretty clean pronunciation.

Steady, soulful and heart wrenching, Miyano’s performance in this song is one to remember.

3 – HELLO!

Wrapping up this single is the funky HELLO!. The song kicks off with chants and quickly adds funky guitar riffs, playful drums and a punchy bass line.

The verses are mid-tempo but quite danceable with its orchestral accents lent from trap music helping out with setting that vibe.

The buildup for the chorus is pretty smooth, leading to a catchy and entertaining chorus.

Although I am not big on those background chants, those fit the song and drag it down.

Mamoru Miyano delivers a pretty complete performance, mixing groovy singing with an impressive rap – quite the massive improvement on this end, as Miyano goes for an insanely groovy and witty rap section.

Bundle of fun.

Final considerations

Mamoru Miyano is back with a powerful single in ZERO to INFINITY.

Really glad that, after a couple of confusing, lacking singles, Miyano is back on top of his game and with such an exciting and consistent single as this one.

The title track brought back drum & bass, music genre that hasn’t been on top of composers’ priority lists for almost a decade.

It was a minimalistic touch of the music genre but it works so well with rock music, giving ZERO to INFINITY the edge it needed, the contrast that made the song shine.

Beautiful Doll takes the crown as the best song in this single. Absolute masterpiece of a ballad.

Traditional in its approach yet with a unique edge that is characteristical of Miyano’s music, this is one of those ballads that will pull your heartstrings with an emotional performance of Miyano – in a song that counts with lyrics mostly in English.

The single wraps up with the bundle of fun and joy that is HELLO!.

I wasn’t expecting the song to be that funky but it works so well with Miyano’s vocals that I found myself jamming along to this track in no time. Made to put a smile on your face.

All in all, ZERO to INFINITY is a genuinely good single and a massive improvement over the past inconsistent singles.

ZERO to INFINITY wraps up Mamoru Miyano’s 2020 in style and top form.

ZERO to INFINITY is available for purchase at CDJAPAN.

ZERO to INFINITY / Mamoru Miyano
Mamoru Miyano


Mamoru Miyano gets back on his groove with a consistent single filled with quality songs. "ZERO to INFINITY" has the power, emotions, technicality and fun that is a constant in his music however, cranked up a notch, a well needed notch that, alongside a set of 3 songs that flow really well between each other, makes this release shine a whole lot. This is the best Miyano has sounded in the past 2 years. Worth pointing out that "Beautiful Doll" stands out as one of the most beautiful songs in Miyano's repertoire. All in all, ZERO to INFINITY seems to be a return to top form for Miyano (production and performance wise). Excited for what's to come from the superstar in 2021!


Beautiful Doll
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