Mamoru Miyano – New Order (Review)

1“Starting this year with the right foot, Mamoru Miyano releases the addictive new single, “NEW ORDER”

This is the long awaited 10th single is finally here. “New Order” is featured as the opening theme for the anime “Wooser’s Hand-to-Mouth Life2nd Season” . Kicking off with this release, Mamoru Miyano has a lot more surprises up his sleeve for the rest of the year. Once again working with Mamoru are STY (worked in several tracks in 2013’s album “Passage”) and Jin Nakamura. Now off with some relevant information regarding the single:


Single: 「NEW ORDER」
Label: King Records
Release Date: 19/02/2014
Genre:  Dance, J-Pop


2- 覚醒エタニティ(Kakusei eternity)
3- Happy Happy Birthday

Track by track analysis:


Starting with Mamoru’s vocals and the electronica elements, both the synths and the drums make it clear that this music was made for the dancefloor. The heavy synths reverberate together with the bass giving that extra power to make the synths deliver one amazing instrumental piece. The buildup in the song quite resembles a lot with the one in the song “Unstoppable” from the album “Passage”.This time we have a bit of voice manipulation to go well with the heavy electronica-driven instrumental but when needed Mamoru delivers the most angelic of tones with his high notes. STY worked on the arrangement, lyrics and composition of this track and that is quite noticeable. As already mentioned the track Unstoppable pops into my mind when I listen to this single and why is that? The heavy presence of synths and bass elements is always brought by STY to Mamoru’s tracks. That electronic pop is his trademark easily spotted on Mamoru’s work so far, tracks like スーパーノヴァ or GOLDEN NIGHT -futuremix- are good examples of the use of those elements. Extremely addictive song; at the first listen it will certainly make an impact. 5/5

2-    覚醒エタニティ(Kakusei eternity)

A more rock oriented song with, once again, the addition of traditional japanese music elements. Going in the same direction as “Identity”, 覚醒エタニティ provides us with the presence of the all mighty shimasen. The bassline in this song is amazing and noticeable, also the raging guitars are awesome, which is a somewhat unexpected choice of Mamoru, giving the fact that usually his songs are more pop oriented. The astonishing guitar solo surprises us and once again I have to mention that the mix between the traditional and the rock elements was just perfect like in is previous song “Identity” with the shimasen, from his album Passage, which makes us feel like we’re back in time. This song shows us yet another side of Mamoru’s sound.  5/5

3-    Happy Happy Birthday

A song born from several elements in some of “Identity” ‘s demos worked with Jin Nakamura, “Happy Happy Birthday”, written by Mamoru himself is once again a more electronica oriented music yet a completely different one making use of the synths to sooth instead of making you go wild on the dancefloor. A birthday song in its very essence. The soothing synth pads in the background were a great choice blending all the instruments making a good use of the bassline and the guitar elements bringing out Mamoru’s vocals. A song to pass out some important thoughts, a kind of “thank you for being born” kind of message. Overall an interesting track with a simple yet sweet message behind it.  4/5

 Final Rating: 4.5/5

Being the prominent entertainer in both the seiyuu and music industries that he is, Mamoru Miyano keeps getting better and better within each release. NEW ORDER is clearly a track to get you on the edge with its more electronica oriented elements but the rest of the single comes with some surprises along the way. Once again we have the shimasen being featured on a single / album release by Mamoru and we have the rocking 覚醒エタニテ reminding us of 2013’s single カノン. Exploring new territory or further developing his own genre and exploring it to its fullest seems to be the way Mamoru has been approaching his sound nowadays, a good sign that good things are to come this year.

This single clearly sets the stage for all the releases to come this year. Knowing how hardworking and devoted to his art as he is, we can expect more great tracks delivered by the mesmerizing voice of Mamoru Miyano.

New Order is available for purchase on CDJAPAN for all overseas fans.

Nadine Silva
Nadine Silva
Former The Hand That Feeds HQ reviewer (2014 - 2019). Rocker and passionate about a good bass line or low vocal, Nadine is now shining in a different team, rocking and dazzling in the IT industry.

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