Mamoru Miyano – How close you are (Review)

Mamoru Miyano releases his first maxi-single of the year. How Close You Are is featured as the ending theme is the currently airing anime Ajin: Demi-Human is which Mamoru is also the main character. Last year he released his fifth album Frontier

More information regarding the single:


Single: How Close You Are
Label: King Records
Release date: 27/01/16
Genre: J-Pop/Dance

The tracklist is the following:

03 Crazy Wonder Night

Track by track analysis:

1- How Close You Are

How Close You Are, the ending theme of Ajin:Demi-Human, has violins as the main focus in the intro with some pads as backup, but we are mistaken if we think that’s it for the instrumental, we quickly have an acoustic guitar making its first steps in this slow tempo track afterwards.  The chorus really makes one remember the power ballads from the 80’s/90’s. Although the instrumental is simple it really is well arranged and it really suits Mamoru. The violins in the outro are also good and even though the instrumental is minimalist it still is a refreshing one. The best track in the single 5/5

2- Black or White

With an electronic vibe like his previous work we have Black and White with a funky/jazzy yet danceable instrumental. It certainly is the first time we get to listen to something so classy like this from Mamoru. The guitar and piano are the main focus in the instrumental, but we cannot forget the bass. The crystal clear high notes that he never fails to sing really soothe everyone who’ll listen to this track.  5/5

3- Crazy Wonder Night

Crazy Wonder Night is the last track in the single. With a powerful instrumental, electronic yet rock-ish we have an energetic track. Great bass line, and guitar are what you’ll listen to throughout the whole song.This mix between rock and electronic pop was really well conceived and we mus say it suites Mamoru well enough to make everyone think if he just suites most genres. A fast tempo instrumental with a funky guitar, bass in solo mode on and fast drums make this the perfect track to end the single. To end this track in a good fashion we have a nice guitar solo. 4.5/5

Final rating: 5 stars

This single was probably the first in a long time that has all the tracks as good as this one. From How Close You Are to Crazy Wonder Night we have a power ballad, a jazzy/funky track and to end it we have a rock-ish track, so what more could we ask for?

How Close You Are is a beautiful power ballad full of emotion and although it might seem to some of you that the track was not the best choice to start the single, believe me it is because we can see Mamoru‘s full potential and at the same time we can all notice some changes in his instrumentals although he still worked with Jin Nakamura in this track proving that he is making sure that he improves his “sound”.

Black or White was delivered to us, courtesy of STY. This track that was a complete surprise, with a classy and jazzy instrumental was completely different from NEW ORDER or Magic produced by the same person. Believe it or not this genre all suits Mamoru.

Crazy Wonder Night was the biggest surprise in the single, who would’ve though that Mamoru would sing a rock song, if we think カノン was the best track the sang and it was rock. Well, all in all it was a good track, something like a refreshing side of him and hopefully he’ll continue investing more in the genre, who knows?

In the future let’s hope that Mamoru continues the great job his been doing up until now and wait that his next releases will be as good as this one.

How Close You are” is already available for purchase on CDJAPAN for all overseas fans.


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