Mamoru Miyano, Hiroshi Kamiya, Shouta Aoi & Soma Saito top Otomart’s year-end poll

Otomart, company focused on selling otome/otaku goods, revealed the results to this year’s poll – that covers favorite anime, characters, seiyuu and games. We take a look at the results for the “Hit Personality” category.

Otomart conducted a poll from November 15 to 19, 2017. A total of 4.911 people, 4.462 of them female and 449 male, participated on this poll. Voting totals were different between categories.

Included on this poll were the categories:

  • 2017’s Hit Personality
  • 2017’s Hit Works
  • 2017’s Hit Game
  • 2017’s Hit Character
  • 2017’s Hit Character Goods

Below we take a brief look at the results for the Hit Personality category. A side note: For the Hit Personality category we will only include the male seiyuu featured on it.

2017’s Hit Personality

On their social media profiles, LINE and Twitter, Otomart made a simple request “Please tell us what was in your opinion this year’s hit personality“. 4.350 people hurriedly answered to it. Seiyuu, idols, actors, 2.5D units, all could be voted in this category. Here’s the final results.

1 – Mamoru Miyano

2 – Hiroshi Kamiya

3 – Shouta Aoi

4 – Soma Saito

5 – Yuki Kaji

8 – Tomoaki Maeno

11 – Junichi Suwabe

12 – Nobuhiko Okamoto

13 – Tetsuya Kakihara

14 – Yuichiro Umehara

15 – Takahiro Sakurai

 16 – Tatsuhisa Suzuki

17 – Yusuke Shirai
18 – Yuichi Nakamura

Otomart mentions that this category already shows the overall popularity of some young seiyuu increasing, with some of them quickly climbing up the ranks and entering the top 20 (i.e. Soma Saito, Yuichiro Umehara). Otomart also mentions that some of the seiyuu featured in this category are either in the music business or related to popular 2.5D idols projects (Utapri, IDOLiSH7, A3!, Tsukipro, Ensemble Stars!, etc). However there are some exceptions like Yuichi Nakamura and Takahiro Sakurai that aren’t related in any way to music oriented franchises.

Official results (in Japanese)

On another note: for the other categories’ results please visit Animate Times‘ official website (link below), there you’ll find the complete rankings in all categories as well as complete commentary from Otomart regarding those rankings. Attention: it is written in Japanese.

SOURCE: Animate Times

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