MAMORU MIYANO COMEBACK LIVE 2021 ~ RELIVING! ~ to be held in October

Mamoru Miyano

Mamoru Miyano is ready to meet his fans this Autumn with the comeback live show “RELIVING!”.

MAMORU MIYANO COMEBACK LIVE 2021 ~ RELIVING! ~ is going to be held at Pia Arena MM in Kanagawa on 09/10/2021 and 10/10/2021.

The live show will count with 4 different sessions, 2 per day, and will be simultaneously held with public in attendance, livestreamed WORLDWIDE plus counting with live viewing sessions.

The days and sessions are the following:

October 9, 2021

  • STAGE 01 – starting at 12:30 JST
  • STAGE 02 – starting at 17:30 JST

October 10, 2021

  • STAGE 03 – starting at 12:30 JST
  • STAGE 04 – starting at 17:30 JST


LIVE VIEWING JAPAN will be in charge of the live streaming of all 4 performances in this comeback live.

The livestreams will be available WORLDWIDE (only those living in Mainland China, Russia, and North Korea won’t have access to it).

Ticketing information can be found on the official website – HERE. There are instructions in English and Chinese on the official RELIVING! website.

For those living outside of Hong Kong, Taiwan, and South Korea, tickets can be purchased through LIVE FROM.

Tickets are now available for sale on LIVE FROM.

Please make sure to read all information provided on the ticketing and the RELIVING! websites, because as soon as you pay for the tickets to the livestream, there are no refunds.

Source: Mamoru Miyano official website / MAMORU MIYANO COMEBACK LIVE 2021 RELIVING!

Last updated on 30/08/2021

Vanessa Silva
Vanessa Silva
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  1. IT WILL BE THE BEST EXPERIENCE EVER I CAN’T TELL HOW MUCH IT MADE ME HAPPY!! Despite the fact that it it will 5:30 AM here… but anything for Mamo is possible

  2. The tickets price has already been released for the live viewing but when will the tickets be available is still unknown *.* can’t wait to buy and watch the first real live LIVE >.<

    • Just checked and indeed the price for the tickets is already out, thanks for the heads up!
      I believe KING RECORDS will open ticket sales – at least the online live stream – 1 or 2 months closer to the live.

      It’ll certainly be an awesome experience! 🙂


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