Mamoru Miyano – Break it! (Review)

Releasing for his second time this year the multi-talented Mamoru brings us a new single that has alot to say about. He’s previous release was New Order in the beginning of this year, now it’s time for his 11th one, Break it!. So without any further ado let’s get this review started.

This single is only available in the regular edition.

Single: Break it!
Label: King Records
Release date: 12/11/2014
Genre: J-pop/ Dance


02 Magic
03 Marshmallow Love

Track by track analysis

1- Break it!

This is the track that titles the single and it starts with Mamoru and the guitars that easily give this track a more drum&bass feel to it. Needless to say that the person behind this instrumental is STY that has already worked with Mamoru in his previous work such as New Order and with his song Unstoppable and if we have this in account it will make sense why this song is so addictive.

“Break it” has more highlights to the drums and the guitars. The synths in the chorus and guitar just make this song even better.

This track has a good build-up since the beginning until reaching the chorus where it “explodes” leaving place to once again the drums and the rest of the instrumental shine and also to Mamoru to use his vocals. Break it! is the opening theme of the currently airing anime Cardfight!! Vanguard G in which he also has a role. 4.5/5

2- Magic

Starting off with drums and synths, Magic takes a different road than Break it! did, with more highlight to the trumpets and if we listen to the instrumental carefully we also have a sitar giving this song a completely different from Mamoru that you’ve ever listened to.

This track then turns to a more oriental genre almost making  person, while listening to the shamisen and the drums alternate creating a rhythm that makes one want to dance.

The shamisen replaces the role of the guitar and while it was a unexpected addition it was good, the same with the trumpets. The outro is completely addictive, but the solo is good as well. Magic is the opening theme of 宮野真守のRADIO SMILE and is without a doubt the best song in the single. 5/5

3- Marshmallow Love

Marshmallow Love is a calmer track in comparison with the previous ones and its genre is a little different from Mamoru‘s usual, the reason is the people behind the instrumental are also different, this time it was Kotaro Egami and Justin Moretz that created this track, name’s unknown to Mamoru‘s fans, but having this single been recorded in the US it not unlikely that this was the case.

The synths and the bass are the focus of this instrumental, of we think about previous songs he sang probably THANK YOU is the one that most will pop. This track is the ending theme of, Mamoru’s radio program.  4/5

4- Voice

Voice is the last closing this single and it starts off with powerful synths and drums, returning a little to this usual genre, that will make one think if the previous song was really a part of this single.

This song is clearly more electronica and drum&bass like. The bass and the synths are the key to this instrumental plus the occasional drums that can be noticed sometimes, but when we enter the pre-chorus it loses speed but it really complements the rest of the instrumental because that way Mamoru can use his ability to sing with falsetto without missing a note.

Although this is not completely his usual genre it isn’t a bad combination with Mamoru and once again the person behind the instrumental is different, this time is TSUGE that already worked with him in tracks such as GOLDEN NIGHT-futuremix- and in 未来, usually his instrumental is more electronic than the usual Mamoru.This track is a theme from the game Cardfight!! Vanguard G4/5

Final considerations

This single really good but it has a black sheep and that song is Marshmallow Love, while the other tracks are all more eletronica oriented and danceable this one is almost a ballad and makes this single lose its momentum.

Aside from that track, Magic was a complete surprise because it was unexpected that Mamoru would add trumpets and a shamisen to his song and gladly enough that it resulted, but if we think the one that made that possible was Jin Nakamura that was responsible of creating the instrumental of that track, and we have to say that each song he does the instrumental always results in something good.

Break it! on the other side was the typical Mamoru Miyano track so it was a good track. Voice made it possible to recover a little of the momentum that was lost by Marshmallow Love.

After listening to this single I think we can continue to expect good things in the future from Mamoru and look forward to his next release.

Break it! is available to all overseas fan on CDJAPAN.

Break it! / Mamoru Miyano
Mamoru Miyano
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