Mamoru Miyano “Boku wa Hero” (Review)

Mamoru Miyano‘s new digital single brings to life an up-beat instrumental piece and vocal performance. “Boku wa Hero” brings a new take of songs about superheros.

More information regarding the single.

Title: Boku wa Hero
Label: King Records
Release date: 02/02/2019
Genre: J-Pop/Dance


1 - ぼくはヒーロー

Track analysis:

1 – ぼくはヒーロー

Boku wa Hero certainly has a different “sound” than what we are used to listen to when it comes to Mamoru‘s songs, and that is understandable as the one’s behind this track are Tomomi Narimoto & Keiichi Kondo in charge of composition and lyrics, respectively.

Boku wa Hero has a whimsical instrumental piece, with several changes, be it regarding the track’s tempo or the main focus of the instrumental piece. This track’s intro is rather interesting, as the main focus remains on the trumpets playing, almost as if announcing that something important is about to begin, which by the way goes in line with what Mamoru intended to convey, “Everyone can be a Hero if they have something important to protect“. And from this grandiose intro, the track’s instrumental piece evolves into something with a bass that is hard to miss, a piano that charms its way in and out of the instrumental piece whenever needed.

When we mention that this track’s instrumentalization is rather whimsical, we meant it. Not only do we shuffle from different approaches to the song in different moments of Boku wa Hero but the tempo also follows. If the pre-chorus in this track had a slightly funky influence, provided by the bass, the chorus itself has nothing of that. Returning to the brass and more up-beat approach, this track takes on a 180 degree turn in a split second.

Mamoru‘s vocal performance was on pair with his performances in other singles, although he did not showcase all his skills, it still does not change the fact that his sweet and smooth vocals completed this track.


Boku wa Hero taps into your inner hero and tells you it is okay to dream and aim for the stars. Inspiring and on a rather cutesy note, this is an unusual track for Mamoru Miyano but one that does not fail to leave a mark.


Boku wa Hero
Nadine Silva
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