MAGATSU NOTE: Neo Futuristic Sengoku meets Rock Music

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Japan’s Warring States gets a neo-futuristic twist in the ambitious dark mixed media project, MAGATSU NOTE.


MAGATSU NOTE is an original mixed media project created by DONUTS Co. Ltd..

According to DONUTS Co. Ltd., this project has a near-future Sengoku (Warring States) concept crossed with a dark story, music, and manga.

The cast brings to the spotlight several big names in the seiyuu industry including rising talents.


The year is 2222.

The main character, Masamune, is an agent (executive officer) of the ARK Audit Bureau.

He was tasked with exterminating the “harmful human beings” who committed crimes in the cathedral.

Then one day, Masamune broke into the city from the Liberation Zone.

He encountered Hideyoshi, a warlord, and violently exchanged swords with him.

Then, with that call, Masamune’s “causality” begins to turn around.

Like rolling down toward the “despair” that awaits you at the end.


MAGATSU NOTE counts with a total of 6 characters.

  • Masamune (CV: Hiromu Mineta)
  • Kojuro (CV: Shun Horie)
  • Nobunaga (CV: Shinichiro Kamio)
  • Ieyasu (CV: Taiki Bito)
  • Hideyoshi (CV: Jin Ogasawara)
  • Mitsuhide (CV: Nobuhiko Okamoto)

Promotional video

DONUTS Co. Ltd. released a promotional video with a quick look at all the main characters, designs, and cast.

Check it out below!


The MAGATSU NOTE franchise has a focus on “dark music”.

As of now, it seems that the franchise will explore heavy rock music however it is not confirmed whether it’ll be the only music genre to be explored.

A short live-action music video for “DEVIL ASYLUM” is out. Check it out below!

On the official MAGATSU NOTE YouTube channel, you can find a couple of cover songs performed by the main cast (minus Shun Horie).

SOURCE: MAGATSU NOTE official website

© DONUTS Co. Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

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