Lis Oeuf unveil covers featuring BANANA FISH and DearDream

Lis Oeuf unveiled today the covers for their new issue.

Lis Oeuf Vol.10’s main cover features BANANA FISH and the back cover features DearDream. Those the are the following:

The lineup for Lis Oeuf’s Vol.10 includes: Yuma Uchida and Kenji Nojima (interview about BANANA FISH), DearDreamYuma Uchida (about his second single “Before Dawn”), GRANRODEO, Takuma TerashimaDear VocalistA3! and Kenji Nojima‘s serialization corner, Nojiken Bar (with guest Makoto Furukawa).

This issue includes reports on Daisuke Ono and Kensho Ono‘s tours.

Additionally, Lis Oeuf unveiled the DearDream‘s bromide design.


Lis Oeuf Vol.10 hits stores on 28/09/2018. This issue is available for pre-order at CDJAPAN.

Source: Lis Oeuf official website / Lis Oeuf official twitter account