Lagrange Point to release 5th single in November


It’s official! Lagrange Point are back with a new single before the end of the year. The romantic pop-rockers bring us another release ready to mesmerize us.

More details under the cuff.

This new release was announced today on Rejet’s 27 Hour BroadcastWasshoi!!” on Nico Nico Douga, the broadcast that feautured the members of Marginal#4, Lagrange Point and Unicorn Jr., reported that the duo was going to make a comeback in October with their 5th single since their debut.

Besides the obvious fact that the broadcast isn’t available for overseas fans, Rejet has updated their twitter account with the announcement and first look at the unit’s new visuals.

Titled 愛という言葉を憎む日々が永久に続いてもオレを赦してくれ (Ai to iu kotoba o nikumu hibi ga towa ni tsudzuite mo ore o yurushite kure), the new single is scheduled to be released on 14/10/2015, available in three editions: Lagrange Point, Shy, Kira.

The tracklist features a total of 8 tracks, out of those 8 there are 4 instrumentals. No previews available so far. The full tracklist is the following:

5.愛という言葉を憎む日々が永久に続いてもオレを赦してくれ -off vocal-
6.惡の華 -off vocal-
7.六十九夜(SixNineNight) -off vocal-

So far the only place that already has the single available for pre-order is Skitdolce. As soon as the pre-orders are available on CDJAPAN we’ll update this news.