Lagrange Point set to release their first Best Off


Rejet strikes twice in the first quarter of the year with Lagrange Point‘s newest announcement.

Joining their label mates Marginal#4 that announced their second Best Off album titled “Star Cluster 2“, Lagrange Point set their sights on their first Best Off album release. The unit debuted in the first quarter of 2014 and has fast archived critical acclaim from both the press and the fans. With a sound clearly distinctive from their seniors, Lagrange Point have impressed with their powerful rock with hits and bits of pop and classical. The impressive arrangements by the hands of MIKOTO and the romantic, addictive lyrics penned by Daisuke Iwasaki have brought this powerful seiyuu unit to life and to begin 2015 in the best way the unit present us their first Best off album.

Titled “Lagjuliet” and scheduled to hit the stores on 08/04/2014, the best off will be available in three editions: Lagrange Point, Kira and Shy versions. The cover for the Lagrange Point version is already available and is the following:

The tracklist for this release features a total of 14 tracks – including all the singles released so far in their entirety and two new tracks. The full tracklist is the following:

02. カタストロフィ
03. 1/f(エフぶんのいち)の揺らぎ
04. Message Bottle
05. Dear Princess
07. Never Sorrow
08. イチカバチカ
09. Goodbye残響(Echoes)!!!!
10. 愛、独裁-SAMURAI-
11. Shoot off
12. ワンセンテンスじゃ、挿入(はい)りきらないよ
13. 暁方(あかつきがた)に、消ゆ
14. Nan-Boo-No-Mon-Ja-E

The tracks LUV EXODUS and Nan-Boo-No-Mon-Ja-E are available on Lagrange Point‘s official website in their preview versions. You can check them out HERE.

The pre-orders for “Lagjuliet” are already open online on Animate Japan but for those overseas you’ll have to wait until CDJAPAN lists the release in the website. More details regarding the pre-orders and the cover art left to unveil will be updated in the following weeks, make sure to be on the look out!

Vanessa Silva
Vanessa Silva
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