La-Veritta unveil new song “Hikari no Kakera”

Readyyy! Project‘s La-Veritta are back with a new song.

光の欠片 (Hikari no Kakera) was unveiled as a new song by the classy duo, La-Veritta.

The song is going to be premiered live at Readyyy! 2nd anniversary LIVE “THE NEW MOMENT”, event that is going to be held at EBISU The Garden Hall in Tokyo on 08/02/2020.

A snippet of Hikari no Kakera is out.

Hikari no Kakera has lyrics, composition and arrangement by Yuyoyuppe and Karasuya Sabo.

According to Readyyy! Project, all groups are going to premiere a new song (their 5th song  since debut in 2018) live at the upcoming anniversary event. Check this article for more details on it.

La-Veritta are Yuki Sakakihara (leader and center) and Fumiya Tanaka.

SOURCE: Readyyy! Project official twitter account