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Although part of a new 2.5D unit project and being rookies in the seiyuu industry, La-Veritta already showcase high quality vocals and their debut track, “BEAT IN LOVE” is far from sounding generic. They know how to impress from the get-go with their regal pop sound.

The idol project is called “Readyyy!” and features an exclusively all-rookie seiyuu cast. Rookie seiyuu from 81 Produce, Artsvision, Ken Production, Atomic Monkey and Aoni Production auditioned for the roles. More information on this project can be found HERE.

La-Veritta consists of Yuki Sakakihara (81 Production) and Fumiya Tanaka (Atomic Monkey).

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Title: Readyyy! Project
Release date: 01/05/2018
Genre: Pop


1 - Special Nu World (performed by SP!CA)
2 - キミが見た空は (performed by Maten Rocket)
3 - 大胆不敵に恋したい (performed by Just 4U)
4 - GO NOW! (performed by RayGlanZ)
5 - BEAT IN LOVE (performed by La-Veritta)
[Disclaimer: Although this song is part of the Readyyy! Project album, we decided to review all 5 songs separately in order to give a better insight on each group and song.]

Track analysis:


Atmospheric synth pads and dramatic strings set the tone. This classy dance tune counts with washy synths, dreamy piano melodies, EDM percussion – focused mainly on adding a rich and deep bass sound to this instrumental -, electric guitars, acoustic guitars and pizzicato strings complete this instrumental. “BEAT IN LOVE” exudes a regal vibe right from the very first notes. At the same time, it has an edge given by the electric guitar riffs that, although being far from being a focus on this instrumental (basically stuck in the background for the whole duration of this song), it is enough to enhance the power and emotion of specific parts of the instrumental. But that’s not all there is to this instrumental, it is also noticeable a dance/EDM twist. This is a rather interesting instrumental that managed to make the group’s concept shine as well as enhanced the vocal performances, fitting well with the vocal tones within La-Veritta.

Sakakihara’s high notes and Tanaka’s sweet mid tones within the very first lines into this song were a pleasant surprise. They harmonized rather well and have quite a few exciting weapons in their arsenal. Tanaka showed that he’s got some technique with falsetto (although there’s room for further improvement), on the hand, Sakakihara has the potential to be a powerful high note hitter (we got a glimpse of his range with this song). I honestly didn’t have big expectations for this group (or any Readyyy! Project group) due to the fact that, when seiyuu debut and units as well make their debuts, either the music is completely generic or the vocals lack a whole lot. This can’t be said about La-Veritta’s performance that, although far from perfect, was already at a pretty good level. The same can be said about the instrumental. Even without checking who produced the song, I can already tell that this was produced for a pop artist, not to satisfy a seiyuu or anime fandom but for something with more visibility, some might even say for “real deal”, like for example popular Japanese groups V6 or Arashi. The vibe is completely different from what we get from most projects in the seiyuu industry or even anisongs. This is a mature song, with high producing value plus catchy and trendy lyrics befitting their theme.

All in all, “BEAT IN LOVE” is a dance-pop track that has a pleasant and regal instrumental with surprisingly good performances. La-Veritta showed that they have a lot of potential in themselves, it’ll be interesting to listen to their growth with further releases.

Final rating: 4 5 stars

This song is available for purchase on iTunes and free streaming on Spotify.

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