KYOHSO “because the sky…” (Review)

KYOHSO prove just how a darker instrumental piece suits them with their newest single “because the sky…” as while they explore different musical approaches. This single features the ending theme of the currently airing anime Dynamic Chord.

More information regarding the single:

Title: because the sky... 
Label: Asgard 
Release Date: 18/10/17 
Genre: J-rock


1 because the sky…
2 in the dusk

Track by track analysis:

1- because the sky…

Kicking off with the main focus on the guitar, drums and Morikubo‘s vocal performance, we have because the sky… . Although this track has exactly the same “sound” that KYOHSO are so known to have, we must mention that, for instance, the interlude with the simple drums playing in the background, as well as the main focus being the guitar, bass and the vocals really caught us by surprise. Despite the instrumental of this track being significantly heavy, by the flow of the track it was rather unexpected yet an amazing choice to have this different moment in the track. The pre-chorus surely has the best guitar and bass combination possible, as both instruments create a harmony that perfectly blends in with the rest of the instrumental piece. 5/5

2- in the dusk

While because the sky… gave off a trademark “sound” from KYOHSO, in the dusk shows a completely different side of the band, as we quickly understand that this track’s ambiance is dim and cryptic. To provides us with such an instrumental piece, both the guitar and a somber yet high pitched piano are crucial to its intro. This simple instrumental piece gives way to a slow paced yet very much like the band instrumental piece, with a simple and slow drum performance and focused on the guitar yet fully packed with emotion. 5/5

Final rating:

because the sky… is a single with which KYOHSO has shown just how well suited their are for the darker instrumental pieces,  as they perfectly executed it in in the dusk without a single aspect that we point out.

in the dusk has it all, the instrumental fully packed of emotion, and the fact that it is more on the simple instrumental is a beneficial aspect to this track, as we really get to appreciate it as a whole instead of solely focusing our attention ot only one part of it.

because the sky… is also a great track that has proven just how good their original “sound” really is. The track’s instrumental, especially the slow tempo performance delivered by the drums, is truly amazing, however we cannot forget that the track as a whole really did the deal.

because the sky…” is available for purchase on CDJAPAN for all overseas fans.

Vanessa Silva
Vanessa Silva
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