Kuso kagaku Tondemo-ron to release variety DVD and hold special event

The Kuso kagaku Tondemo-ron duo is going to hold a special event and release their first variety DVD.

Kuso kagaku Tondemo-ron or Fantasy Science, Outrageous Theory is radio show that airs on Nico Nico since 2016. 81 Produce’s talents Wataru Hatano and Soma Saito team up to explore spiritual things, the occult, conspiracy theories and urban legends.

For the first time the duo went to explore locations related to conspiracy theories, urban legends and more.

A short promotional video was released on the radio show’s official twitter account.

The duo is going to hold a special event titled 空想科学 トンデモ論- code01:秘密の集会イベント- (Kuso kagaku Tondemo-ron – Code 01: Himitsu no shukai Event –) on 01/12/2019 at KFC Hall Annex in Tokyo.

The ticket for the event includes the duo’s first variety DVD. According to the radio show’s staff, this DVD is going to be released exclusively to the people attending the event.

SOURCE: Tondemoron official twitter account