Kuroda Takaya & Goodfellas release performance video of “My little sweet honey”

Kuroda Takaya & Goodfellas

A live performance video of “My little sweet honey” by Kuroda Takaya & Goodfellas is out.

The rock band, fronted by the veteran seiyuu Takaya Kuroda, continues to release live performance videos of their songs.

The live performance video released of My little sweet honey, song included in Kuroda Takaya & Goodfellas‘ 2019 single of the same title, is out.

Check the performance in the video below!

The footage is from last year’s Rock Steady live that was held at LOOP in Shibuya on 9/11/2019 and 10/11/2019.

So far, the band has released the live performance videos of the following songs:

SOURCE: Kuroda Takaya & Goodfellas official YouTube channel