Koichi Yamadera and Shunsuke Takeuchi to perform at ULTRA SUPERLIVE2019

The two seiyuu are going to perform for TV Asahi’s year end music festival, ULTRA SUPERLIVE2019.

ULTRA SUPERLIVE2019 is going to be broadcasted by TV Asahi on 27/12/2019.

Koichi Yamadera is going to perform フレンド・ライク・ミー (Friend Like Me) alongside KANA-BOON! ALL STAR.

Shunsuke Takeuchi is going to perform おとなになったら (Otona ni natara), song from the movie, Frozen 2.

ULTRA SUPERLIVE2019 announced the lineup for this year’s edition. It includes Arashi, LUNA SEA, Jaejoong, DEAN FUJIOKA, Ken Hirai, MAN WITH A MISSION, between many other artists.

For more details – including the complete lineup – please refer to the official website (link below).

Source: TV Asahi