Kiramune releases all music by their artists on streaming platforms worldwide

The time you’ve been waiting for is here! Kiramune has made the repertoires of all its artists available on streaming platforms worldwide.

Starting today, fans of Kiramune’s artists will get to enjoy their favorites on all major platforms (Apple Music, Spotify, etc.) worldwide.

Make sure to check your prefered streaming service for this massive bundle of music by your favorite Kiramune artists. Note that Kiramune has listed some of the artists using their names in kanji.

For those on Spotify, here are the links to the profiles of each artist under Kiramune:

Make sure to support your favorite artists by purchasing their music. It’s through CD sales that your favorite seiyuu earn a decent paycheck for their activities in the music industry.

Alternatively, always stream instead of downloading music from illegal downloads websites.

SOURCE: Kiramune official twitter account


  1. FINALLY!!! The amount of times I’ve been hoping to add Kakihara on my playlist…..

    I hope they will proceed to post music videos of their artists on youtube next. I want to watch so many music videos from Kiramune but it’s so difficult to find them