Kiramune release MUSIC CLIP Collection Vol.4 on Youtube

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Susumasero Tetsuya Kakihara

Kiramune released – for a limited period of time – their 4th batch of music videos from their artists.

Kiramune released a music video compilation that revisits the mid to late 10s.

Revisit iconic songs like Miyu Irino‘s FRIENDS – his last music video release before going on hiatus in 2017 and before his comeback in 2018 – or Tetsuya Kakihara‘s powerful, Susumasero!, between many other exciting music videos from your favorite Kiramune artists.

The music videos featured in this compilation video include:

1 - HOLY HOLY (Nobuhiko Okamoto)
2 - The END (Hiroyuki Yoshino)
3 - Danger Heaven? (Hiroshi Kamiya)
4 - LOCUS (Uncle Bomb)
5 - 嘘と未来と (Miyu Irino)
6 - ELEVATION (Daisuke Namikawa)
7 - Kiss Plus (Trignal)
8 - 進ませろ!(Tetsuya Kakihara)
9 - 君の笑顔 僕の笑顔 (Nobuhiko Okamoto)
10 - DRAMATIC SURF COASTER (Hiroyuki Yoshino)
11 - シアター (Hiroshi Kamiya)
12 - デッドマグネット (Uncle Bomb)
13 - フレンズ (Miyu Irino)
14 - Update A Day (Trignal)
15 - Start of LIFE (Tetsuya Kakihara)
16 - Happy memories (Nobuhiko Okamoto)
17 - My Treasure (Daisuke Namikawa)

Check those out below!

This weekend, Kiramune released Kiramune Music Festival 2016 and Kiramune Music Festival 2017 on youtube. A note that, just like most of the videos that the label will be making available on their youtube channel, those will only be available for a short period of time before being removed.

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SOURCE: Kiramune official website


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