Kiramune release MUSIC CLIP Collection Vol.2 on youtube

Hiroshi Kamiya such a beautiful affair

Kiramune released – for a limited period of time – their 2nd batch of music videos from their artists.

Kiramune released a music video compilation that goes back to the debuts of TrignalNobuhiko Okamoto and Hiroyuki Yoshino. Revisit also the music video that was the talk in town back in 2012 – Hiroshi Kamiya‘s Such a beautiful Affair.

Most music videos in this compilation date back to the early to mid 10s.

The music videos featured on this compilation include:

01 - Chaos Breaker (Tetsuya Kakihara)
03 - UTAO (Daisuke Namikawa)
04 - 未来スケッチ(Nobuhiko Okamoto)
05 - cocoro (Miyu Irino)
06 - Such a beautiful affair (Hiroshi Kamiya)
07 - Honey Ready Go!!! (Trignal)
08 - コネ☆セン  (CONNECT)
09 - Hand in Hand (Daisuke Namikawa)
10 - Call My Name (Tetsuya Kakihara)
11 - ハレのち始まりの日 (Hiroshi Kamiya)
12 - グッドラック (Nobuhiko Okamoto)
13 - SUMMER MAGIC (Trignal)
14 - ドリームフラッグ (Hiroyuki Yoshino)
15 - GENERATIONS (Tetsuya Kakihara)
16 - Jump Out Loud (Daisuke Namikawa)
17 - TouriStar (KAmiYU)
18 - START AGAIN (Hiroshi Kamiya)

Check those out below!

This weekend, Kiramune released Kiramune Music Festival 2012 and Kiramune Music Festival 2013 on youtube. A note that, just like most of the videos that the label will be making available on their youtube channel, those will only be available for a short period of time before being removed.

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SOURCE: Kiramune official website