Kiramune Music Festival 2009 and 2010 released on Youtube

Kiramune Music Festival 2010

Kiramune announced the release – for a limited period of time – of some of their most iconic live shows. 

In a nice gesture, Kiramune announced a release schedule for their official youtube channel.

From April 18 up until May 24, Kiramune will be releasing some of their live shows as well as several music clip collections on their channel.

Today, Kiramune released Kiramune Music Festival 2009 and Kiramune Music Festival 2010.

These were Kiramune’s very first editions of Kirafes, including live performances from some seiyuu acts that are not around today, as well as the live debuts of Miyu Irino, Hiroshi Kamiya, CONNECT, Daisuke Namikawa and Tetsuya Kakihara.

Make sure to check both lives below!

Kiramune Music Festival 2009 (live debuts of Miyu Irino, Hiroshi Kamiya and CONNECT)


3 - ピストンとクランク (CONNECT)
4 - エール (Miyu Irino)
5 - Always, (Miyu Irino)
6 - Start (Miyu Irino)
7 - Fine Day (Miyu Irino)
8 - full count (Hiroshi Kamiya)
9 - バジル (Hiroshi Kamiya)
10 - ヒカリ (CONNECT)
11 - ケッパッチャッテ (CONNECT)
12 - VoICE (Jin-Ger PARADISE)
13 - 名もなき花 (Hiroshi Kamiya)
14 - 優しい風 (Hiroshi Kamiya)
15 - Faith (Miyu Irino)
16 - Brave (Miyu Irino)
17 - 雨音 (Miyu Irino)
18 - キミヲモフ (Miyu Irino)
19 - キミの歌 (CONNECT)
21 - Stick to it (CONNECT)
22 - Runaway Train (CONNECT)

Kiramune Music Festival 2010 (live debuts of Daisuke Namikawa, Tetsuya Kakihara and KAmiYU)


1 - JUMP (Miyu Irino)
2 - Andante (Miyu Irino)
3 - BANANA---NA BOAT! (Miyu Irino)
4 - Dive in Love (Daisuke Namikawa)
5 - Alright!! (Daisuke Namikawa)
6 - my diary (Hiroshi Kamiya)
7 - バジル (Hiroshi Kamiya)
10 - ブライドリーマー (CONNECT)
11 - my life my time (Tetsuya Kakihara)
12 - Electric Monster (Tetsuya Kakihara)
13 - 風を連れて (Daisuke Namikawa)
14 - 優しい風 (Hiroshi Kamiya)
15 - Name Of Love (CONNECT)
16 - simple words (Miyu Irino)
17 - ROCK STAR (Daisuke Namikawa)
18 - 空色追想歌 (Daisuke Namikawa)
19 - DICE (Miyu Irino)
20 - For myself (Hiroshi Kamiya)
21 - LIFE (Hiroshi Kamiya)
22 - my Proud my Play! (KAmiYU)
23 - 心の扉 (KAmiYU)
24 - トウメイな輪郭 (CONNECT)
25 - 夕焼けセレネイド (CONNECT)
26 - 絶対鈍感あまのじゃく (CONNECT)
27 - ありがとうの魔法 (CONNECT)

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SOURCE: Kiramune official website


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