KiLLER KiNG “Ju byo mirai” (Review)


KiLLER KiNG capitalizes on their recent good spell with the release of a powerful and full of identity, Ju Byo Mirai.

KiLLER KiNG Ju Byo Mirai

Title: 10秒ミライ
Label: MAGES.
Release date: 13/11/2019
Genre: J-Pop/Dance


01. 10秒ミライ
02. ケセラセッラ
03. 10秒ミライ -off vocal-
04. ケセラセッラ -off vocal-

Track by track analysis:

1 – 10秒ミライ (Ju byo mirai)

Uptempo synths and a robotic beat paint the dancefloor.

The intro is rather shy in its dance vibe but everything goes out after a solid build-up into what is the group’s best chorus to date.

The slow-paced beat, looping guitar riffs and minimalistic synths build up into a powerful, hard-hitting, and big dance sound that it is impossible not to be taken away with it.

On the vocal this is also the best outing for this unit, displaying control and exuding an energy that makes this song an instant favorite.

2 – ケセラセッラ (Que sera sera)

Que sera sera channels a bit of T.M.Revolution‘s Hot Limit – particularly noticeable in the guitar riffs in the intro and the synths in the chorus. Those are small details but give this song a b-side twist to that hit song.

However, that is where the similarities end. The rest of the instrumental is slow-paced, with guitar-driven verses and tasteful, retro synth-driven choruses painting a tasteful summery soundscape for the listener.

The synth vs guitar solo was rather brief but such a retro late 90s J-pop touch to this track that makes this song stand out in KiLLER KiNG‘s repertoire.

Vocals on Que sera sera are pretty funky, fitting well with the song’s danceable, playful vibe going on. Top marks.

Final considerations

This is the best we’ve heard of KiLLER KiNG. The group’s been on a good spell since Phantom of Love and this release is the result of them doing their best to capitalize on a great moment.

“Jyu byo mirai” (the CD, not the song) is tasteful in its exploration of electro-pop, avoiding cheesy compositions in favor of a more dancefloor-oriented, progressive beat and impactful chorus to grab the listener’s attention.

“Jyu byo mirai” is absolutely outstanding. There is no other way to describe how different it sounds from their usual sound but, at the same time, how familiar it is – because, deep down, their trademark sound still found its way into this song.

“Que sera sera” is such a characteristical T.M.Revolution song that I couldn’t help but starting filling the first couple of seconds of the instrumental with Hot Limit‘s fiery lyrics. Coincidence aside, this is a track that I found to be different from their usual sound and that difference works quite well for this talented quartet.

Vocals overall were stable and their group performances consistent. There are still some quirky singing tones going on – Shoya Chiba and Taku Yashiro – that are inherent to the characters they voice which sometimes make me forget that Chiba is quite a good singer and Yashiro sounds a bit different in other outings.

Regardless, it is safe to say that KiLLER KiNG are steadily improving, and it a treat to have their sound going towards a more easy-listenable pop with an edge on it instead of the cheesy-fest that were their first releases.

Ju Byo Mirai is a single full of identity, making KiLLER KiNG standout among B-PROJECT‘s units.

Top marks in a release that I thoroughly recommend you to check out.

Ju byo mirai is available for purchase at CDJAPAN.

Ju byo mirai is also available for streaming on Spotify.


KiLLER KiNG capitalize on their recent good spell with the release of a powerful and full of identity, Ju Byo Mirai. Ju Byo Mirai is a single full of identity, making KiLLER KiNG standout among B-PROJECT's units.


Ju byo mirai
Que sera sera
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