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Making his first appearance this year, Kensho Ono presents us with his 2nd single. Last year he released an album titled Touch the Style that was well accepted by the fans, this time, and like we had in the first single, we have a track that is the opening theme for the currently airing sports anime 3rd season Kuroko no Basket. Kensho has always been surprising the fans with each release he’s made so far, so let’s hope that this time he doesn’t fail to impress us.

ZERO is available on two editions: regular and limited.

More information regarding the single:

Regular Edition
Single: ZERO
Label: Lantis
Release date: 08/04/15
Genre: J-Pop/Rock


Track by track analysis:


Kicking off this single we have ZERO, a powerful and more rock oriented than what we are used to listen from Kensho. The good guitar and great bass-line make us wonder who is the mastermind behind the instrumental of this track and the answer is R.O.N– former member of OLDCODEX and now assisting Lantis’s talents – so I think it is pretty self-explanatory to why the song is so good. The non-stopping drums are really awesome and actually put the whole instrumental together, of course the bass is also not to belittle, it’s on “solo-mode” throughout the whole track. Definitely worth listening to. 5/5 

2- Mr. Trickstarr

With a peculiar instrumental we have Mr. Trickstarr and its funky guitar, so it’s completely normal if some of you become puzzled when listening to this intro, needless to say that this track was composed not by R.O.N but by Teppei Shimizu so this explains the differences in the instrumental. Once again the bass-line is really good, the problem with this track is that it seems that its instrumental in the chorus was a little too flashy, exaggerated and overall not fitting into the rest of the track. Mr.Trickstarr is without a doubt a bit disappointing because if not for the chorus the track itself actually is good and different. The drums and guitar are also good, always following each other as well as the bass. 4/5

Final rating:

ZERO was definitely a single that shows us that Kensho is really investing on the more rock-oriented track instead of the electronica genre he had on his previous releases and that actually worked pretty well so far, despite the track Mr. Trickstarr being a little too peculiar in the chorus, but despite that the track was good. Kensho also surprised us with ZERO, a rock song that is not only powerful at the beginning but it also kept the momentum until the end of the track and overall was a pretty good one. Kensho is one of those artists that since his debut, hasn’t let down the fans with exaggerated songs, instead he’s been evolving and improving on what he was lacking and trying new genres while adapting his own “sound”. This is one of the artists worth waiting for to see his next work and realize how much he’s grown since the beginning.

ZERO is available for purchase on CDJAPAN for all overseas fans.

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