Kensho Ono “FIVE STAR” (Review)

Kensho Ono has released a new single. “FIVE STAR“, catches the highway of catchy instrumental pieces and takes the next exit to deliver us a more rock oriented single.

More information regarding the single.

Label: Lantis
Release date: 27/06/18
Genre: J-Rock


02.Rolling Days
03.FIVE STAR(Off Vocal)
04.Rolling Days(Off Vocal)

Track by track analysis:


Kicking off with the guitar, FIVE STAR is a head turner. A funky bassline and guitar playing in solo mode is the perfect way to describe this track. Unlike the previous one’s Kensho has released, this one has to be one that shines brighter for its focus is on the guitar and the pads that together create an instrumental that suits summer for the bright yet rock vibes we can feel exuding from it. FIVE STAR has a different touch to it and for Kensho’s fans, recognizing the usual synths and more on the k-pop inspired instrumental pieces or the edgier one’s has become a natural thing to do, however this track has something that makes it stand out from the other tracks released by the seiyuu. 5/5

2- Rolling Days

Powerful drums, jamming guitar and heavy bass performances are what make Rolling Days a track that begs for one to headbang to the sound of the instrumental piece. It is uncommon to listen to Kensho sing tracks so heavy such as this one, but if there is one thing we can say for sure is that the seiyuu should go for it. For those who are suckers for a good bassline and some good guitar action in the solo, then Rolling Days is certainly the track for you. 5/5

Final rating: 

FIVE STAR leaves up to its name. Kensho’s endeavors and experiments in his previous reviews have certainly beared fruits, and with that we present to you FIVE STAR and Rolling Days.

Either tracks have their own characteristics that make them special and unique in the own way, that’s a given. FIVE STAR does make us surprised and gets us thinking that Kensho has gone such a long. Powerful instrumentals and rock oriented tracks are what suits best the seyiuu and that has been proved here, once again.

Rolling Days definetelly brings out the most out of Kensho. If there is one think one can notice when listening to a track is if the singer is comfortable singing a certain genre of music and what we have beeen continuously saying is that Kensho, though he has showed us otherwise sometimes, appears to be best suited for the edgier and rock instrumental pieces.

All in all, this single showed us that the seiyuu has some trumps up his sleave and that he still never fails to amaze us.

FIVE STAR” is available for purchase at CDJAPAN.

FIVE STAR / Kensho Ono
Kensho Ono
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