KENN “Yakusoku” (Review)


KENN makes his comeback to the music scene with a new single, released a year after 2015’s “Dance in the Light“. After the mixed feelings DITL gave us we were incredibly pleased by how beautiful this song turned out to be.


Single: Yakusoku
Label: Marine Entertainment
Release date: 14/09/2016
Genre: J-Pop


1 - 約束
2 - 約束 (off vocal)

Track analysis:

1 – 約束

Yakusoku is the theme song for the anime movie “Meiji Tokyo Renka: Kakyo no Gensokyoku“. This song features a tender piano melody that serves as the background for KENN‘s ethereal, emotional performance. This ballad slowly introduces other elements into the mix – such as acoustic guitars (that provide a breathtaking solo in the middle of the track), strings and slow tempo drums – all to better convey the sad, yearning emotions that are present in this songs’ lyrics. Yakusoku is a simple, gentle but nevertheless, sad ballad in which KENN‘s vocals really standout. His smooth tone, falsettos and control over his tone helped him to deliver this flawless performance. If there was an upgrade we wished KENN would make after the sort of disastrous “Dance in the Light“, this was it.

Final rating:5 stars

Yakusoku” is available for purchase on CDJAPAN for all overseas fans.

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