KENN to host 1st variety show, KENN’s Style

KENN is ready to host his 1st variety show.

KENN is going to host his very own variety show on 28/09/2019.

KENN’s Style 〜声優KENN 極上の休日〜 (KENN’ s Style 〜Seiyuu KENN Gokujou no Kyujitsu〜) starts broadcast today, with its 1st Volume airing on NTV at 23H00 JST.

The 2nd volume is scheduled to be aired on 25/09/2019 on NTV at 23H00 JST.

According to Japanese media, KENN is rapidly gaining popularity among young women in Japan with his model-like appearance and beautiful voice. At the same time KENN, known for having multiple hobbies, is trying to become a “real adult”. Both ideas are at the basis of the launch of KENN’s Style.

The 1st Volume of the variety show is going to have KENN exploring the world of suits.

Promotional photos are out.

For more details on this variety show, please check the official website (link below).