Kenji Nojima releases previews and tracklist for new album “Don’t Worry〜モノタリナイ物語”

Kenji Nojima is going to release his 3rd independent album. “Don’t Worry〜モノタリナイ物語” will drop before the end of the year.

Today, Nojima released new previews as well as the complete tracklist for the new album.

Don’t Worry〜モノタリナイ物語” is scheduled to be released on 27/09/2017, available in three editions: CD, CD + DVD and concept book.

The cover art is the following:

The tracklist is the following:

1 - Don't Worry〜モノタリナイ物語〜
2 - とある石についての考察
3 - Happy Endの白い地図
4 - エーテルの風
5 - モルフォ蝶の生まれる朝に
6 - Bring Word
7 - 希望の1mm
8 - やぁ、みんな!

Previews are already available on NZ Project’s official youtube channel.

The new previews include:

Don’t Worry〜モノタリナイ物語” is available exclusively on NojimarketNojima‘s official store. More details on each edition can be found there.

SOURCE: Kenji Nojima official twitter account