Kenji Nojima makes his debut in the music business

Good news, no, fantastic news for Kenji Nojima‘s fans. The extremely talented seiyuu is making his debut in the music business (finally!). For those following Nojima‘s daily tweets it’s already known that lately, he’d be spending quite a lot of time in recording sessions. His fans’ anxiousness was in high levels with the rumors surrounding a possible debut. And so the rumors were confirmed and we have Kenji Nojima, 38, making his official solo debut with a maxi-single produced by Mark Ishikawa (has worked previously with fellow seiyuu Mamoru Miyano).

A dream collaboration for a stunning performer, as a lot of people, who’re into anime songs or character songs know, Kenji Nojima is one hell of a great singer with a one-of-a-kind voice. His vibrato is his trademark and his velvety voice is the death of many of his fans.

EM2 Record (KENN, Tomoaki Maeno) is the label supporting Nojima‘s first solid steps in the music business.

Any Day Shuffle” is the debut single and is scheduled to be released on 12/11/2014, available in a single Limited edition. The cover art and the tracklist are already unveiled and are the following:


1. Any Day Shuffle
2. 天国への螺旋 (lyrics: Kenji Nojima)
3. Any Day Shuffle -instrumental-
4. 天国への螺旋 -instrumental-
5. 【初回盤限定】Any Day Shuffle~天国への螺旋 -ライブバージョン@代官山LOOP-

The bonuses have already been revealed and are exclusive to each store:

Any Day Shuffle” is already available for pre-order on CDJAPAN for all overseas fans.

Any Day Shuffle / Kenji Nojima
Kenji Nojima


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