Kenichi Suzumura unveils cover art and music video preview for “Going my rail”

Lantis unveiled today the cover art and a short promotional video for Kenichi Suzumura‘s 10th Anniversary Greatest Hits Album.

Titled “Going my rail“, this release is scheduled to be released on 09/05/2018.

The cover art is the following:

The album counts with two discs covering Suzumura‘s 10 year career as a solo artist. Some of the songs featured on this release were either re-recorded or have new arrangements. The tracklist for both CDs is the following:

Joyful Disc
01 in my space
02 The whole world
03 ミトコンドリア -Live Arrange Version-
04 ポジティヴマンタロウ
06 おもちゃ箱
07 シンプルな未来 (New Vocal)
10 All right
11 シロイカラス -Anniversary Edition-
12 あいうえおんがく
13 SHIPS -Live Arrange Version-
14 ハナサカ
15 Go my rail [title track]
Nature Disc
01 INTENTION (New Vocal)
02 brand new
03 あすなろ -Anniversary Edition-
05 messenger
07 Landscaper
08 そりゃそうです
09 スケッチ
10 Butterfly
11 月とストーブ -Live Arrange Version-
12 ロスト
13 太陽のうた
14 and Becoming (New Vocal)
15 この世界の好きなところ

A short promotional video was released today on Lantis‘ official youtube channel featuring the new song “Go my rail“.

The release comes with a DVD including the music video for a new song as well as a digest from “Suzumura Kenichi Live Tour 2017 “NAKED MAN” held in March, 2017 at Toyosu PIT. The complete tracklist is the following:

  • Go my rail (Music Video)
  • 鈴村健一 Live Tour 2017「NAKED MAN」
  • Life is like it
  • あすなろ
  • 夕暮れタイムトラベル
  • home sweet home

Going my rail” is available for pre-order on CDJAPAN for all overseas fans.

SOURCE: Lantis

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