Kenichi Suzumura “Tsuki to Taiyo no Uta” (Review)


Kenichi Suzumura‘s newest single 「月と太陽のうた」(Song of the moon and the sun) is already out and we took our time to check this 11th single. Is this single what it seemed like from the previews available on youtube, or is it something else completely? Let’s check it out. 


Single: 月と太陽のうた
Label: Lantis
Release date: 13/05/15 
Genre: J-Pop/Rock



Track by track analysis:


Tsuki no uta” is a slow tempo ballad kicking of this single. Resorting to a combination of acoustic guitars, strings, minimal drums, harp, piano and bass the instrumental keeps things simple and sweet. With such an mesmerizing instrumental it’s safe to say that it leaves Suzumura with lots of room to showcase his vocals – be it with his vibrato or with his mid-to-low notes. A perfect blend between a mild instrumental, more focused on bringing out the vocals, and the vocals fit to the task that, in the end, turns this song into one of Suzumura‘s most interesting ballads. 4.5/5


Looking at the reverse of the coin we find “Taiyo no Uta“, a track that picks up everything that the previous track casted aside from what we call “the trademark Suzumura rock“. Electric guitars, splashy drums, strong bass, adding up strings and the piano are back with an extra punch. With everything set in motion, “Taiyo no Uta” shows us a completely different side in this single. It’s clearly livelier than the previous track, resorting to a strong instrumental and sharp melodic vocals. A track that impresses for the complete 360 it gives to the single but still fails to impress any more than that. 4/5 

Final rating:4.5 stars

In this peculiar single with find two tracks completely dispar from each other. The milder, slow tempo “Tsuki no Uta“, impresses with its simplicity while “Taiyo no Uta” fails to deliver something meaningful when it’s considerably “crowded” in its instrumental in comparison with the first track – proving that sometimes simplicity is key to make music. Vocally Suzumura sounds great be it in the slow tempo emotional ballads, as well as in the rocking songs. Overall this is a balanced pop-rock release.

月と太陽のうた」is available for purchase on CDJAPAN for all overseas fans.

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