Kenichi Suzumura “HIDE-AND-SEEK” (Review)


One of the top names in the seiyuu business is back with a new single. Kenichi Suzumura brings us the laidback “HIDE-AND-SEEK“, a single in which being playful and emotional plays well for both him and the listeners. Setting an acoustic tone, this release lacks flaws and keeps the momentum going for him.


Label: Lantis
Release date: 31/08/2016
Genre: Alternative rock/ Pop-rock



Track by track analysis:


With an acoustic guitar leading the way, HIDE-AND-SEEK puts its main focus on Suzumura‘s vocal performance rather than on exquisite instrumental pieces. Funky bass, playful brass with a country rock touch on it provided by the acoustic guitars, the instrumental is rendered to the indispensable for more than half of the song. When we reach the bridge we’re presented with a rather peculiar guitar solo with loads of effects on it followed by a rhodes piano section where Suzumura‘s vocals shine. This is yet another feel good song from him. Laidback instrumental, solid, relaxed vocal performance turning into a playful track. 4.5/5


Poker Face” is a mid tempo rock ballad in which Suzumura‘s voice is accompanied by a melancholic piano and acoustic guitar. While the verses are quiet, emotional and delicate, the chorus explodes in emotion and can render you to tears if you’re too into it. The bridge will certainly grab your attention if all the rest hasn’t by the time you reach it. With emotional guitar riffs, a frail piano melody and slow, pounding drums, this part of the song completes this track in the best way possible. Suzumura‘s vocals are on point, more than that, they are tender where you expect them to be and they are heartbreaking when you least expect them. As a whole this track was as sweet as it was sad and both the vocal performance and instrumental tracks managed to put it on a league of its own. In our eyes this is yet another top ballad coming from him. 5/5

Final rating:4.5 stars

Suzumura keeps his talent both as a lyricist and singer going. “HIDE-AND-SEEK” is such a laidback, sweet and captivating release, really a treat to his fans. The title track shows Suzumura‘s playful side embracing a bit of country rock and its quirks, on the other side “Poker Face” is the resident ballad in this release, and what a ballad this is! There’s no way the chorus won’t make a dent on his listeners’ hearts with its powerful emotions being delivered so skillfully.

As a whole “HIDE-AND-SEEK” is yet another complete release from Suzumura, solidifying his stance in the music business with ease.

HIDE-AND-SEEK” is available for purchase on CDJAPAN for all overseas fans.

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