Kashicomi unveil details on debut single “Chance!”

Kashicomi, unit consisting of Sho Nogami and Shoya Chiba, are gearing up for debut.

Marine Entertainment (D.A.T, M.O.E, Elekiter Round 0) announced that Kashicomi, unit consisting of Showhuku Showrai’s radio hosts – Sho Nogami and Shoya Chiba – is going to debut this fall.

Chance!” is the duo’s first single scheduled to be released on 07/11/2018, available in regular and animate editions.

The cover art was unveiled today, however there’s no specification on which cover belongs to each edition.

The tracklist is going to include 4 tracks in which 2 of those are songs and the remaining 2 are the respective instrumental tracks.

More details on this release – tracklist, music video (if there’s one planned), complete cover art information – are going to be unveiled in the upcoming weeks. Be on the look out for more updates.

Chance!” is available for pre-order at CDJAPAN.

SOURCE: Marine Entertainment / Showhuku Showrai official twitter account