“Kakihara Tetsuya’s Hinzakuri” unveil behind the scenes photo with Kaito Ishikawa

Tetsuya Kakihara embraces a big project in 2018. “Kakihara Tetsuya’s Hinzakuri” starts airing in March. Today, the first behind the scenes photo with Kaito Ishikawa was released.

The photo is the following:

Previously, a teaser photo with Ishikawa was released.

Kakihara Tetsuya’s Hinzakuri” (abbreviated to Kakikuri), a show in which he and special guests will find historical places, visit those, learn about its history, taste some delicacies and enjoy some rest and relaxation time. Kaito Ishikawa is the first guest. For more information about other guests and the first promotional video please check this article.

SOURCE: Kakikuri official twitter account