KADOKAWA unveils details on Girls Star Game Tengoku photobook

KADOKAWA unveiled details on Girls Star Game Tengoku‘s photobook.

Girls Star Game Tengoku, monthly show broadcasted live on Nico Nico and youtube, is going to get its own photobook.

The show’s hosts – Tomoaki Maeno & KENN and Genki Okawa & Yuto Suzuki – are paired up for HEAVEN ガルスタゲーム天国フォトブック(HEAVEN Girls Star game tengoku photobook), photobook scheduled to be released on 27/04/2019.

Tomoaki Maeno & KENN grace the cover whereas Genki Okawa & Yuto Suzuki grace the back cover. The cover art is the following:

The photobook counts with unique photoshoots with both MC pairs, one-on-one Q&A, 50 questions, a long cross interview and more.

Dengeki Girls gave a sneak peek at the photobook’s contents.

A short making of video is out.

SOURCE: Dengeki Girls official twitter account