Kadokawa teams up with Soma Saito to promote novel by Yoru Sumino

Kadokawa has teamed up with Soma Saito to promote one of their new novels.

Soma Saito, known not only as a seiyuu and singer, but also as a Literature graduate and avid reader, was invited by Kadokawa to promote the novel 青くて痛くて脆い (Aokute Itakute Moroi) by Yoru Sumino.

A video with Saito reading the first 5 pages of the novel was released today to promote this novel, released back in March, 2018.

Kadokawa released as well a short post-reading interview video with Saito about his impressions on the novel, and the parallels with his life when he was a college student.

For more information on this novel, as well as the stores in which it is available to purchase, please refer to the link below.

SOURCE: Kadokawa